GUEST BLOG-Unleashing Your Business Potential: Discovering Your Zone of Genius

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Unleashing Your Business Potential: Discovering Your Zone of Genius

I asked my friend, colleague, and NAWBO sister, Lisa Criley Mallis, to share HER zone of genius...helping business owners discover theirs which will help them learn what they should delegate to others! As small business owners, we often wear many hats. As much as we want to delegate, it can be challenging first to find someone you trust, but then figure out what you should do and then how to do it. I participated in Lisa's Delegate Like A Pro program a few years back as I was just bringing on my virtual assistant. This program made it so much easier to delegate tasks once I learned MY Zone of Genius!

I'll let her take it from here to help you figure out your own ZOG! Read on...


Is your to-do list growing faster than your business? The constant juggling and the perpetual overwhelm can be frustrating. Your business success should be a source of fulfillment, not a personal sacrifice.

One way to reclaim your time and life is to lean into the mantra that just because you are the business owner, it doesn’t mean you need to own everything! However, how do you know which tasks you should pass off and which tasks you should keep?

The easiest way is to understand - and embrace - your Zone of Genius. 

What is Your Zone of Genius?

Your ZOG is where your unique talents, passions, and business goals intersect. It’s the sweet spot combining what you excel at, what you love doing, and what truly advances your business. 

Think about ALL the tasks, projects, and meetings that fill your day. To qualify for your ZOG, they must meet all three criteria: skill, passion, and business impact.


Identify Your ZOG

At first, defining your ZOG can feel challenging. That's perfectly normal. The goal is to start understanding what your ZOG looks like. Continue to explore the tasks and projects you do daily, weekly, and monthly. Then determine which ones are and are not in your ZOG. 


You Need All Three!

NO BUSINESS GOAL:  If an activity doesn’t propel your business forward, it might be a hobby. Hobbies are great, but they might not deserve a prime spot in your workday.

NO PASSION: You might be really good at a task, but if you don’t love it, it's a shortcut to burnout. 

LIMITED SKILL: Even if the task or project is valuable to your business, if you aren’t good at it you are only going to get frustrated!


Your ZOG is about focusing on what you're genuinely great at and enjoy, plus those things that move the needle forward in your business.


Real-Life ZOG Examples

Mine is finding clarity in chaos. The more complex the challenges my clients face, the clearer the solutions appear to me.

Mary is a compassionate truth-teller. She runs a senior care advisory firm and shines in her ability to deliver honest, empathetic advice about senior care options.

Liz, at her graphic design firm, excels in bringing clients' visions to life, going beyond mere design.


Why It Matters

Once you know your ZOG, you know what you should and should not delegate. 

  • Everything that is IN your ZOG is yours to work on as the business owner. 
  • Everything that is NOT in your ZOG is up for delegation.


For example, here are a few things on my delegating list:

  • Adding blogs to my website
  • SEO
  •  Editing videos
  • Updating client information
  • Proofreading content
  • Organizing/streamlining processes for recurring tasks/projects
  •  Creating client contracts/invoices
  • Sending clients assessments/tracking assessments
  •  Compiling/organizing data
  • Registering for networking events
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations and action guides
  • Organizing a follow-up system for prospects
  • Social Media


Time to reflect. Think about the parts of your business that genuinely advance it. Which of these are you passionate about and excel at? That’s your Zone of Genius. 

Now, make a list of all the other stuff and start delegating. 

Knowing the best person to delegate to can be hard. Grab my go-to list of favorite delegating resources here:  

About Your Author: Lisa Crilley Mallis has over 15 years of expertise in time management and delegating, seamlessly blending education, coaching, and business acumen. She's not just a mentor; she's a catalyst for your success. For more information visit:

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